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Specific needs * mobile devices * laptops/desktops

Please visit the websites listed for more information

1. Specific Needs website: www.vodacom.co.za/specificneeds

This is a website where the visually impaired, hearing impaired/ deaf & Elderly people can get relevant information on products & services in the telecommunication environment. 

2. Apple & iOS:  www.applevis.com

This is a website where users of Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch & Apple TV),  can get information on how to use each of these devices, the “gestures” (swipes & taps)necessary to navigate each of the before mentioned devices. 

On the same “applevis” website as mentioned above, one can find information on all the relevant apps for the visually impaired / blind. 

Desktop & Notebook / Laptops:

For your personal computer one can use either text-to-speech software for the totally blind / very low vision person. 

Examples are: JAWS, Supernova, Fusion /Zoomtext 

All of the above can be purchased.

NVDA (Non visual Desktop Access) can be downloaded for free from the Internet. 

NVDA is also a text-to-speech software like JAWS.

Many products for a large variety of disabilities are available from Edit Micro Systems


This even include dyslexia, autism and many more